The tap buyers guide

A comprehensive guide to buying the right taps for your home

 Whether you are buying taps for bath or for a basin, there is an immense choice, with many different taps available on the market, ranging from classic to modern and mixer to pillar. 

This guide to buying taps is packed with professional advice to assist you to choose the right taps for your home.


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Know your water pressure

When you are buying taps, it is vital to know what your water pressure is because this decides the taps’ water flow.

The most widespread water systems are the gravity-fed, which are low-pressure systems. Other less common water systems include unvented hot water systems and combination boilers.

Know the different types of taps

Before buying taps for your home, it is better to go through a guide to buying taps online. This will assist you to know the different types of taps available on the market, so you can decide the one that best fits your needs and the style.

Some of the different types of taps include:

Pillar taps: This is a conventional style tap, which is available in both contemporary and classic designs. These taps are intended for basins and baths and they are designed with two tap holes. They have a pair of individual pillars with one cold and one hot tap. Featuring a conventional crosshead or a more contemporary lever handle, these taps are affordable and easy to install, as well.

Freestanding taps: These taps rise up from the floor or worktop and they are ideal for countertop basins and roll-top baths. They come in different styles, ranging from mixer to monobloc, and they can be used to append a conventional twist to any bathroom or modern appeal to modest and contemporary room designs.

Mixer taps: These taps have either a single or a double handle on both sides of a single spout. Cold and hot water are combined in the body of these taps, at the same time as the temperature and the water flow are regulated by the individual handles. While considering this type of tap, it is vital to confirm your water pressure because some of these taps may need high pressure to work appropriately.

Shower mixer tap. These taps are ideal for washing your hair during your bath, or they can be used as a separate shower. These taps come with a diverter, which directs the water from the bath fillers to the shower fixtures. They are an ideal cost effective substitute to an individual shower, without the necessity for a shower pump or extra plumbing. According to the style of the room, the showerhead can be positioned in a telephone style above the tap for a conventional look or can be suspended over the bath by means of a wall bracket.

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Decide the finish of your proposed taps

Once you have decided the type of taps, it is time to decide their finish that best fits your style and taste.
When it comes to the material and the finish of taps, brass-effect or gold-effect taps will add warmth to any room. They are perfect for adding a feel of traditional luxury or for creating Victorian style.
Chrome-finished taps are also available in an extensive variety of classic and contemporary styles to suit nearly all rooms. Choose a shiny or matt finished taps to complete the look you are expecting.
There are also stylish polished or matt chrome finished taps, which are much easier to clean and maintain.
To conclude, whatever types and finished taps you are buying, choose the ones that best suit the rest of your suite and the general style of the room where they are installed.